The Fradley Village Hall is the heart of the community and we are very happy to announce that the hall is now re-open to the public. Please note at this time we are not able to take party bookings due to COVID restrictions. If your event is able to adhere to the COVID guidelines then please get in touch. The Fradley Village Hall committee is very excited to welcome everyone back and is committed to keeping everyone safe.

Here is a list of measures the Fradley Village Hall Committee has put in place:


1. A 2-meter gap is required between all people visiting the Fradley Village Hall. 

2. Social Distanced stickers at 2 meters apart for people who are waiting to go into the hall.

3. A one-way system in and out of the building to improve social distancing. You can also find social distanced stickers on our exit point for parents who are picking up their children to wait.

4. We have changed the flooring in the hallway and our meeting room from carpet to a hard flooring which makes it easier for the cleaners to COVID clean after each booking.

5. Hand sanitizer stations are situated on both the main entrance and exit of the building. There are both non-touch hand sanitizer stations to avoid spreading more germs. 

6. We are a face mask building and hirers are required to make sure their visitors to the hall adhere to the government's guidelines. 

7. Only one person per toilet unless you need a parent/career. The toilets now lock on the outside door to ensure that another person doesn't enter the room and impact social distancing.

We have added paper towels holders, paper towels and bins to each of the toilets to adhere to the Catch it, Bin it, Kill it rule.

8. Increased time between bookers to allow for the cleaning company to come in and sanitise all the touchpoints and ensure the hall is clean between hires.

9. The kitchen is now our COVID Isolation Room, should someone fall ill during the hire period they should be taken to our COVID Isolation Room where all the instructions on what to do if a problem occurs, can be found. 

10. It is now a requirement by our governing body ACRE to have the Track and Trace QR code displayed inside the building. We have three of them located inside the building on the Main Entrance, Exit and Meeting room doors.

11. We have limited the amount of people we can have in the Main hall and Meeting room. We can now hold up to 30 people at a 2 meter distance in our Main hall and 8 people in our Meeting room.

Main Entrance 


One-way system

Santiser Station Entrance 

Santiser Station Exit 

Locks on the toilet doors

COVID Isolation Room





Fradley Village Hall, Church Lane, WS13 8NL

Call Anya Tel:  01283791599